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Web Design Web Test Tools Monday, August 03, 2015 featured web testing tools software

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Opens corrupted WinRAR archives of all possible versions, sizes and damages. - Shareware - RAR Restore Toolbox Web Tool Web Design. RestoreTools.com, Inc.

Free on-the-web HTML checker allows viewing apage 'purified' to HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0,or WebTV 1.1. - Web Page 'Purifier' Web Tool Web Design.

HTML PowerTools are an invaluable suite of HTML development tools that allow the HTML developerprofessional and beginner aliketo easily create better HTML pages in less time. - HTML Powertools (32-bit) 2.1 Web Tool Web Design. Opposite Software

Create a search engine so that your visitors can search your website. - Shareware - Search Engine Builder Standard Web Tool Web Design. ALeadSoft.com, Inc.

OracleToMysql - Import Oracle to Mysql easy and quickly. - Shareware - OracleToMysql Web Tool Web Design. Withdata Software

Automatically compare digital photos, find duplicates and show the best shot - Shareware - Duplicate Photo Finder Web Tool Web Design. WebMinds, Inc.

Free tool designed for QA engineers - 'Simple Automated Module For Internet Explorer'. - SAMIE Web Tool Web Design.

eValid helps organizations improve website quality and integrity, reduce down time, control costs, and enhance performance to prevent customer loss. - Temporary Evaluation - eValid 7 Web Tool Web Design. Software Research, Inc.

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tool Warden
Password protect your website and manage user accounts in three easy steps. - Shareware

tool HTML Compressor Lite 1.00
Compress HTML Files into very small size.

tool Browser Addon Framework
Browser Add-on Framework allows developers to create browser add-ons - Commercial Software

Top Web Testing Tools

tool Compuware TestPartner
Automated software testing tool designed specifically to validate Windows, Java, and web-based applications.

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