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A flexible task and bug tracking system to keep track of bugs and task. - Freeware - XBtrack Web Tool Web Design. XB Software

GeniusCart is the only storefront management system GUARANTEED to produce profits on the internet. - GeniusCart 1.0 Web Tool Web Design. GENIUSWEB.COM

Search engine and analysis platform for log data, search across logs and servers - Shareware - XpoLog Center Web Tool Web Design. XpoLog

Unique Hindi Unicode Editor adept and edits different languages. - Freeware - Free Hindi Unicode Editor Web Tool Web Design. Window India

LinkGuard™ Watchdog is a lightweight DHTML page that sits on your server and is an alternative to the (often confusing) regular '404 error handling page'. - LinkGuard Watchdog 1.00 Web Tool Web Design. LinkGuard Ltd.

Content management service from CrownPeak Technology, which hosts the management system application and the client's administrative interfaces and pushes the final assembled pages toclient Web servers. - AdvantageCMS Web Tool Web Design.

JobSite (Perl script) - Commercial Software - JobSite Web Tool Web Design. Spriteworks Developments

JStudio SiteWalker is a powerful and intuitive testing tool to automate websites and webapplication for functional tests, regression tests and complete system tests and provides flexible content validation for all web GUIs. - Shareware - JStudio SiteWalker Standard Edition Web Tool Web Design. JStudio - Jarsch Software Studio

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